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Contributors to this interpretation included: Discography Listings: As the story goes, Stevie and Lindsey were in Colorado and had a disagreement in which Lindsey left her in Aspen and drove the old "beat-up" car down the "snow-covered hill. However, Greyhound went on strike and Stevie was stranded and all alone, realizing she had no one to rely on but herself. The song is touching, displaying how Stevie 's simple poetry, while accompanied by the familiar, comfortable acoustics from Buckingham 's guitar, can exhibit an overwhelming feeling of emotion that comes from within the heart.

I know they are experiencing something similar like you. I hope one day I can have the same with my children. It's a natural circle. It's beautiful. God or whatever higher power you believe in bless you! It's actually about the literal snow covered hills in aspen. Where stevie nicks lived for awhile. She was looking upon them as she realized her life was changing and she could do it.

Trust me. Look it up: I like your interpretation of it. As you said, the song can be interpreted in so many ways. Flag kuzcos. And my daughters and now my grand daughter are and have always been my life. The only piece that makes me uncomfortable is "if you see my reflection, the landslide will bring it down" - I am obviously paraphrasing. I am sad bc I fear that I will be forgotten. That is what this piece of the lyrics say to me.

Ros Johnson, LICSW, Therapist

Flag patty on April 24, Beautiful interpretation of a beautiful song. Stevie Nicks was really young when she wrote "Landslide. Fleetwood Mac were really a powerhouse rock band. In their 's heyday, they had 5 amazing musicians in that band.


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Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie were both such great singer-songwriters, and really lovely women as well. Flag BatmanB on March 11, Had my kids later due to multiple deployments. Principal of middle school now. My oldest, Katie 9 yo , was killed in October Drunk driver. Although my kids haven't left me for college they are still little , Katie has left me. Talk about a "landslide". I am a guy that sacrificed time with my kids for my country, an impact on the future generation, and a decent living for my family.

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Didn't know I'd only have Kate for such a small amount of time. Don't take time for granted. You're reflection was beautiful.

Fleetwood Mac - Landslide Lyrics | SongMeanings

Thank you for your beautiful commentary. Flag blessednana4 on March 27, General Comment stevie said that this was written in aspen, colorado when she went with just her goya guitar. No Replies Log in to reply. My Interpretation I think it;s about change. Whether realising you're a coke addict, breaking up with your partner, being worried about your dad going into surgery which Stevie Nicks was when she wrote it , or realising your children are grown and don't need looking after anymore, when you realise the life you knew is over, the sweeping changes are devastating.

Your old life is destroyed in the landslide of the new life. Will you survive and become a new you? General Comment Well, no one seems to think of it in the terms I do. Everyone talks about a child's point of view with the song.

Imagine for a minute, listening to it from an aging parent's perspective. One whose children were their world, totally doted upon and beautiful images of the parents themselves. But with years, the children distant themselves and don't understand the parent understand where they're coming from. Perhaps even disagree with the entire way the parent views the world and acts, according to how they lived their lives, according to their fate. It will hit them emotionally hard, like a landslide, and they will come back "down to earth" with changed attitudes, the parent hopes it brings them to this realization without destroying them.

Of course I see this in the song as it relates to my own life, and all my close friends know, this is the song to be played for my children, when I die. Read "Deegee87's" comment from February 27th, I listened to this song and cried as I was getting my son ready to go off to college. I was getting older and so was he, both our lives were changing. That was my landslide letting him go. I think it's easy to understand that this song is about growing older and bring worried about change. She notices that children grow up and she knows she is growing older too.

This makes her miss her youth. It is a beautiful song. My sister recently left for University and I think our whole family was thinking that there was not much time left until I graduate and follow in her footsteps. This made it difficult to watch her leave. You can go to you tube and hear Stevie Nicks tell you what Landslide means in her own words, but to sum up, it was , and she was a waitress and absolutely sick of doing it, and she had no money, "only enough to eat and put gas in the car," and the anxiety of constantly being on the brink like that was destroying her relationship.

So the landslide, is her way of describing the life altering effect of a relationship ending, especially when you've built so much together. It really makes sense now that I've heard her explain it. She also said that she was thinking about going back to school to get a better job if the album they were doing didn't pan out. So that might be where she's talking about getting bolder and children growing older. That might be self-reflective, the child might be herself.

The rest of it, the landslide, is obviously the wreckage that occurs when a relationship ends.

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Stevie Nicks Confesses the Real Meaning Money was tight, doubts about making a successful record lingered, and, as a result, the couple's relationship was strained. In this clip, Stevie reveals how these fears and relationship struggles influenced her hit song "Landslide" and how everything came down to one simple question: Is it worth staying in the relationship to keep the music together? Read more: That a person was ready for a change but was afraid to get out of a routine.

A routine of being with a certain someone who wasn't ready for a change. The person wanted to grow up and explore. The reason no one has sent in an interpretation is probably because it's so obvious. It is a self-reflective look at her life, of getting older. The landslide is her youth, her ego, her love affair, anything that goes away as she gets older and realizes it's all part of life.

A recent live version released here in Phoenix her hometown has her introduce and dedicate the song thus, "This is for you, Daddy. I think the author of the comment is confused. Stevie Nicks did have a cocaine addiction problem for which she was treated, professionally, in a treatment center.

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The interviews with her that can be found on You-Tube explain much on this subject. This is my reasoning behind deciding that the author of the comment did not take the time to read the lyrics provided, made an assumption, and simply went with her opinion about another song. It would make sense to call this one poor for "Landslide," but oddly, perfect for a different Stevie Nicks song. Thank you for the forum, this is my first visit. This song is about being in a relationship with someone and realizing that maybe it's time to move on but afraid to cuz your already comfortable with that person.

I'm not sure what this song is about but I have been a single mom to my son who is about to graduate and leave for college. He is my best friend.

Landslide (Fleetwood Mac song)

I will be moving to another town-"I've been afraid of changes cuz I've built my life around you-but time makes you bolder, children get older, and I'm getting older, too" about kills me every time I hear it. And lately it seems like I hear it all the time.

Fleetwood Mac - Landslide (Official Music Video)

During the Super Bowl last night I'm sure many people were wondering why I was so upset about a horse commercial I think this song is about how we grow up being sheltered so much by our parents, that when we finally go out into the real world, we are not equipped and ready for what challenges are thrown at us, so we come crashing down landslide. We go out there thinking we are perfect in every way living according to our parents' guidance and we climb a mountain our own arrogance when actually our parents could be unsophisticated, make bad decisions, or be ineffective or unknowledgable in certain areas since they themselves were sheltered and didn't learn much through life's challenges.