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How to measure distances and areas in PDF documents

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Check it out at http: Hope you enjoy it. Along with a few tools that you have to buy, you can still measure pixels on the Mac with its stock application. Good thing is that captured image isn't saved to the disc, you can just dismiss it. Not great, but does the job. It also supports delayed capture which is good for capturing popup menus and such.

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I second the recommendation of PixelStick. Its an awesome, light and handy little app for anyone measuring in any app or in maps and working with colors. Lost your password?

Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. Measuring screen elements in pixels Jul 20, '10 Measuring elements on the screen quickly and easily can be really important for all sorts of tasks. I often use the excellent Free Ruler app for this but don't always want to waste time opening it up.

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For super-quick measurements just use the built-in screen capture command Cmd-Shift-4 to drag and measure the element you're interested in instead. Click and drag to measure and to avoid taking a screenshot simply press the Escape key before releasing the mouse button. I'd not really thought of this as a hint until a fellow designer was astounded when then they saw me doing this, so I thought I would share!

Free Ruler has been mentioned before but this is a nice quick alternative. Measuring screen elements in pixels 17 comments Create New Account. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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This site is not responsible for what they say. Measuring screen elements in pixels Authored by: Why didn't I think of that? Edited on Jul 20, '10 Rulers does it too. I use apple's own Art Directors Toolkit which has a ruler, but I like the screen cap method.

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DougAdams on Jul 20, '10 Stormchild on Jul 21, '10 Redraw is much faster when resizing a ruler. Crosshair cursor behaves correctly when entering the menu bar. Interactive ticks hide themselves when dragging rulers around. Unfortunately, floating windows don't receive events the same way regular windows do, at least in REALbasic.

Making the rulers float would eliminate the ability for rulers to respond to keystrokes, which to me is more important than floating. The main problem with rulers not floating is that they can easily get obscured by other windows. To help address this problem, I've modififed the grouping behavior in Free Ruler 1.

I'm investigating the possibility of toggling the floating state of the rulers for a future version of Free Ruler.

How to measure distances and areas in PDF documents | Foxit Blog

Other Known Problems: It works best on flat-panel LCD screens. If you drag a ruler completely out of view easy to do when rulers are grouped , try aligning the ruler origins to bring it back into view. REALbasic is an amazing development environment, but it has its limitations.