Google chrome takes forever to open mac

Launch the program on your Mac device. Click Browser Cleaner on the left-hand side. Click Scan button to comprehensively scan browser data. When the scan process is complete, various browsers will be displayed. Choose the desired browser in this case, Chrome.

And choose the various categories you want to delete in the right-hand side of the screen. Problem 3: The spinning rainbow circle appears on your device for a long time. This issu3e is common especially when you continuously use your browser. What you have to do is to delete your browser cache again. To fix this, you can follow the steps outlined previously, either manually or through a tool.

Problem 4: But what should we do with it? Of course, we fix it. These extensions actually make our browsing experience faster or more productive. But what should you do with problematic Chrome extensions? First, you have to update everything. You have to ensure Chrome is actually updated to its latest version. The same goes for ALL extensions. Then, you can turn them one by one back on. In this way, you can determine which extensions are causing Chrome to crash. Step 2 - Visit Settings then visit Extensions. Step 3 - Uncheck all extensions to disable them. Step 4 - Close Chrome and open it again.

Reason #1: Your Cache is Beyond Overworked

Once you have disabled all extensions, turn each one one at a time. Check out to see which extension causes the crash. Problem 5: Aw snap! There are a lot of reasons why a page fails to load in Chrome. Here are a few fixes you can try to repair this issue: Step 1-Checking the Internet connection. Step 2-Updating Chrome. Step 3-Restarting the Mac device. Step 4-Removing Chrome Extensions you can do this by following the steps stated in Problem 4.

Check out the next part of this guide. First, you have to wait for a few days before the update begins to happen. Step 1 - Open Chrome. Step 2 - Go to Settings. Step 3 - Scroll down and press Advanced Settings.

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Step 4 - Scroll down and click Reset Settings. Step 5 - Read the pop-up that appears and Reset. Step 6 - Close Chrome and open it again. Step 7 - Try the update again. Solution 3: Come up with a new Chrome User Profile.

By developing another Chrome user profile, you obtain a chance to overcome the problems of the corrupted previous profile. Begin with shutting down the browser.

How To: Fix A Slow Mac

Solution 4: Mind the permissions. In many cases, that is the basic thing that provokes the crash of Google Chrome. Solution 5: Reinstall Google Chrome. It is a measure of last resort — try the rest of the tips first. Stick to the instructions below:. The best way to keep various types of the cache from piling up is running regular disk cleanups. If you wish, you may schedule regular cleaning operations with the selected cleaner — this way, the junk will not have a chance. Toggle Navigation. Google Chrome Running Slow on Mac?

Keep Calm and Fix It. Reasons Why Chrome Freezes on Mac: A similar case is an outdated version of operating system.

Google Chrome Running Slow on Mac? Keep Calm and Fix It

Without proper updates, neither your Mac nor Google Chrome will function properly. Those users who have any doubts regarding the version of Chrome installed on their Apple computers may check it by entering chrome: The first line will reveal the specific Chrome version number. Another cause of the fail might be YouTube and some other video-related platforms. If Chrome crashes only when you attempt to watch a video online, that is the clue.

How to disable Flash and check for out-of-date components

A user will lose the entire information he did not manage to save before the crash and reboot. Experts recommend pressing the Save button in the opened documents to prevent them from being erased after the crash. Google Chrome gets bigger and bloated with every new update. Ask Question. I have a MacBook Air that is behaving poorly with Chrome. Symptoms include: Chrome often giving the "Ahh Snap" error message for lots of different websites, this happens frequently with the Google search page, when I enter a query to search, it often crashes.

The insertion point for entering text is slow to respond to a click to position cursor. Web pages are slow to respond, for example, clicking on a message to select it for deletion inside Gmail can take a long time after clicking. This can take 30 seconds at times. Sometimes, if I click again, I get the multi-colored rainbow spinning wheel.

Top 8 Solutions to fix the problem of Chrome Running Slow On Mac

Craig's List and Garnet Hill pictures do not appear in Chrome. I'd start by creating a new "User" in Chrome. New User This will give you a fresh start on preferences and extensions. If the new user has no issue then you likely have a bad extension or preference. Deleting the "Default" profile seems to have resolved all the issues per the Chrome help pages: