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Find the font, click, install, and then follow your computers prompts. There will be a main page where you can choose and click on what type of font you are looking for — Fancy, Script, Handwriting, Block , Gothic, etc. If you click on one of 12 links to the fonts I use — you will be taken directly to that font, not the main page shown above.

I am going to download the font — Stitch It. Click the download button on the right hand side of the page. A window will open up from your computer asking if you want to Open with or Save File.

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Click on the Open with. I leave it in the default. A new window will open and you will see the font listed. Sometimes there may be a read me file and a few other files, but you want to click on the file that says — True Type or Open Type Font File. Most of the freebies are one of these. A new window will pop up with the font and all of its sizes. Click the install button. Your font will now be installed. To check if it installed correctly, open up your Word processor and pull down the font box and search for the font.

If you had your word processor open when you downloaded you will have to close it and reopen to refresh. Then check again. If you have trouble installing on Vista. One of my readers wrote to me with the steps that worked for her. Thanks for sharing — Wylee. Here are the steps. I finally succeeded in downloading a free font! This worked like charm and was so helpful. I feel like I read endless articles online that end up not being as promised or, maybe more accurately, as I expected. Not the case here! What a useful post. A joyous new year to you! Thank very much for this invaluable information!

I would like to enquire about something, before I start downloading any fonts; Can I use any of the fonts that I download for commercial purposes my poetry, cards, gifts, writing,stories, resumes…… , or are these fonts for home use only? God bless! Hi Lucinda — Each font is created by different people.

Each has the terms of use in the noted so you can see before you download if it is for personal or commercial use only. I just created my first ever monogram on MS Word, using your instructions. You made it so easy to follow, with detailed instructions and pictures! Thank you very much! Without the tutorial I doubt that I would ever have figured it out. I have pinned inmyownstyle to my board. You have great tutorials! It took a little trial and error to figure it out on Word, but I was so happy to find out that it could be done.

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I use Photoshop Elements to create the monograms. You can also use Microsoft Word, but it is takes a bit more time. I wrote a post on how to make a monogram in Microsoft Word in this post: To add wheat to your monogram- you need to find the art and then download it to your computer. You would place the wheat image in a transparent layer under the monogram letter layers in your computer program. Did you see the post I did on how to create a monogram in Microsoft Word?

If not you can find it here: I use Photoshop to make mine, but not many readers have this, so I wrote how to do it in Word. In both programs — you have to put each letter and image in its own layer so that you can move them around freely and place each where you want.

If you are not familiar with these programs, it is not very easy to explain. I have a question…When I download a font from one of the free websites you mentioned above, will it go directly into my SCAL library or do I have to do something to get it in there? I am not sure what a SCAL library is, but if it is a design program, it should. I have Silhouette Digital cutter software on my computer and when I download fonts they automatically show up in my font library.

I am using Window 8. Could you help with directions?

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It should help you: Thank you very much for sharing these fonts, they are great! You really have a beautiful blog I love every single one of your posts! I think we may have been cut from the same cloth. I dream about and think about making pretty things all the time and if I would probably spend hours messing with letters on my computer to make a monogram font. Thank you for your tips! Fun stuff!!

Thanks for sharing. Hi- Love your site. Is there a way to do this? I wrote a post about hoe to do in using MS Word here: I have spent a few hours just browsing around and will be back again!! I will admit that I have a problem…. The problem started many years ago when I first started teaching and wanted to make the heading of my third grade newsletters interesting and fun!! I thought you might want to know that the link to the first font, Monterey BT, links to an error message.

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The font is on the A-Z website after I did a search for it. Your font list had beautiful fonts on it. Hi Donna — Thanks for taking the time to tell me the link is broken. I will get it fixed. I am a fontaholic, too! I cannot get Monogram KK to download. I have Windows 7. Anyone else having the same problem? Hi Robyn — I have Windows 7 and just tried to download it again, it worked fine. Not sure what is causing the problem for you. Could be a million different things. Are you clicking Open when the Open or Save box appears in your browser? What happens when you click download?

Hi Sona — KevinandAmanda. They have a page called Fonts for Peas. It is totally safe. I think you can submit your handwriting there. If not, Amanda might know of a safe site. I pinned this a long time ago and just now realized my own handwriting font is on there! Hi Sara — I love your handwriting! Your font was the first font I ever downloaded. I saw today that Amanda posted a bunch of new handwriting fonts. It is so cool how she can make them. Nice fonts, they are beautiful! I went and got Travelling Typewriter and the Pottery Barn one, thanks to your tutorial!

I have this linked to my fonts post as well today, rounding up the best free fonts! I just downloaded the font KK Monogram. I can do all level on the same line but not like in the picture example of the fonts. Thank you for the great Fonts! If you find a way to get it free again please let me know.

Just found this on Pinterest! Thank you so much I am in love with Ecuyer Dax. So glad I found it!! Thanks so much for including Vista directions. So happy to have this tutorial! Thanks again! I just bought an Ecraft personal cutter and i can cut with SVG files downloaded to my computer. How do I convert these to SCG files?? Hi Meg- What browser are you using? Each one is configured differently as well as your individual computer.

I use Firefox with Windows. Let me know and I will see if I can figure out what you need to do. Thanks for this info. I scrapbook and these will help with my journaling. One question: Hi Kay — the link will take you to the sit — Kevin and Amanda. It is the right link. When you land on the page that the link takes you to — scroll down to the bottom — click on the round button that says download all.


When the file window opens with a list of all the fonts — highlight and click on Our Best Bites to download the font. If you want to download all of the fonts that are included in the download then highlight all of them to install all. I have a question for you if I could. I have windows vista and when I click on one of the fonts and download it, the only file it is is the one with the fonts in different sizes but it only says done and print, not install. I tried what you said about vistas, and tried that but only the normal right-click list pops up.

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Thank you for your help. I have read and understood the Privacy Statement of labs. Santa told us that you've made only good presentations this year, so we decided to reward you with a gift! We prepared 7 Christmas themed PowerPoint card designs special for you! It was a pleasure for us to pass on our knowledge of the subject and to see so many curious people in the hall. OK, not constantly but at least once per month. Even simpler in Windows is to select all the fonts, right-click and click Install.

Already have the fonts? Windows updated my computer and caused it to crash.

It also deleted all my fonts except the limited handful that is already installed. Can y ping me at boris labs. I have the same situation as Monica. Can you post if you were able to help her and what to do? If that computer is a machine owned by the company that you work for, that may be the case. Let me know and we will figure it out! Are you viewing the ttf files within an unzipped zip file, in Windows Explorer?

Your method is also a working method. Once the zip file with the archive is unzipped, you can select all the ttf or otf files and right click them, Install. You can easily find it in the Control Panel Menu. If I should answer directly — use OTF. The most significant differences in those two type formats are in the way they are created, in the technical part.

But the two formats should work perfectly well on Windows And again, if you ever have one font in both formats, go for the OTF one. It can have more typographic features, better language support, more glyphs characters and other advantages. Not all fonts are made to be embedded. Thanks for the kind words! There are many places on the web where presentation stuff is shared and discussed. We update our facebook page with cool tips very often, you can reach it here: Otherwise, you can join many discussions in http: Just type your topic in the search tab and enjoy!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site. To find out more, read our cookie policy. Privacy notice and statement This privacy notice describes how we, labs, will collect and use your personal data. Continue reading on our Privacy Policy page. How to easily install multiple fonts? Allow us to save you time because we doubt that you want to install all of your new fonts one by one… Not surprisingly, installing multiple fonts on both Windows and Mac machines is quite an easy task: One-click way: Open the folder where your newly downloaded fonts are extract the zip.