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It might be the whole document or a particular sequence of pages.

How to Add Page Numbers to PDF on Mac without Adobe Acrobat

Go to the Thumbnails mode and select a couple of pages. Open the Page Numbering dialogue and you'll see these pages in your page range settings. How does this help you? Some parts of your PDF file can be easily distinguished from other pages.

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For example, a content part. Simply select those pages, and PDF Expert does the rest. After that, pick any format of numbers you want: Adjust the position of your page number using the Layout options.

How to Add Page Numbers to PDF

Select the position and fine tune the margins. A small window on the left shows how exactly it looks. Bates numbering is gold for legal professionals.

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PDF Expert can Bates stamp thousands of pages in seconds to help you speed up the course of litigation and minimize your workload for long-term archiving. By adding a unique prefix or suffix to your PDF, you indicate its relationship to other Bates-numbered documents.

To do that:. You might want to add your first name or firm label to every page of your PDF. Click Layout to display the Layout tab.

Add page numbers in a header or footer

Click Breaks , and then click Next Page. On the page after the section break, double-click in the header or footer area where you want to display page numbers. Click Link to Previous to deselect the button and disconnect your header or footer from the header or footer in the previous section.

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Headers and footers are linked separately, so if your page number is in the header, turn off linking for headers. If your page number is in the footer, turn off linking for footers. In Page Numbers , choose the position and alignment of page numbers. If you don't want a page number to appear on the first page, clear the Show number on first page check box.

How to add Page Numbers to a PDF on Mac

If you want to change the numbering style, select a different style in the Number format list. If you want to change the starting page number of the newly created section, select Start at , and then enter a number.

If you are done making changes in the header or footer, click Close Header and Footer , or double-click outside of the header or footer in the document. Add page numbers to an existing header or footer. Add page number X of Y to a Word document. Start page numbering later in your document.