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Basic System Requirements for OS X Mountain Lion:

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Minimum Requirements for OS X Mountain Lion ()

OS X Also see: What is "AirDrop"? Which Macs are compatible with the "AirDrop" technology? What is "AirPlay Mirroring"?

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion tutorial: Repairing your keychain -

Which Macs are compatible with AirPlay Mirroring? Unfortunately you have to request the App Store make High Sierra upgrading tip.

OS X Mountain Lion

Backing up your data at least twice is essential. A clone backup, explained in the "backing up" link in the prior sentence, prior to upgrading to Lion will ensure you are able to backstep to Lion in event you don't have a USB Flash drive copy of Lion. Apple announced Mountain Lion's availability, July 25, Apple has released For the latest security updates see http: Mavericks is mentioned on this same line, as the Apple hardware requirements are the same, though the compatibility for Mavericks for third party devices may differ.

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If you have difficulty downloading The App Store support may be able to help you restore For Macs newer than Macs that were prebundled with Some issues exist with WiFi on At this point the reason is unknown, and sometimes it takes connecting to ethernet. Note, if your machine is 4 years or older, be sure to have your PRAM battery checked. This battery is separate from the battery that lets you work off the power lines. If it is under 4 years old, frequently such issues can be resolved with the PRAM being reset.

Be sure. If you want to go through a formal way, submit a bug report after signing for.

What to Do if Your Mac Can’t Run Mountain Lion

Front row is no longer present with Lion or Mountain Lion. However, some have found a way to get it to work with both. If you have issues with the download after reading the rest of this tip, please contact the Mac App Store form or e-mail , to ensure you don't get double billed. Also you will probably have to contact them if you can't find the link on the store when going to this U. It is 4. At kbps that would take 12 hours and 16 minutes. And that's assuming the traffic at Apple trying to download it isn't overwhelming the servers, and you have a dedicated connection at those speeds.

After the download completes, the installer takes 3 minutes before rebooting itself, and 33 minutes after rebooting to complete the installation on an iMac 11,2. Times may vary by speed of the hard drive, connected peripherals preferably none , available disc space, and available RAM. Unlike Lion, before the installer begins, it leaves behind a distinct 4.

Ignore the El Capitan compatibility, as that has not been released yet. RAW photo support for Brother has a table that lists which Faxes work with Canon has released new Fax software for Epson has a table that includes some printers as listed as Fax compatible. H P website says the HP Fax driver ships with some of their printers, but is not specific as to which ones. Apple has the minimum system requirements for Mountain Lion, which are the same for Mavericks, Yosemite, and El Capitan, based on their annual time schedule of model releases on http: At this point several places on the Net already are claiming Mountain Lion compatibility for certain software or hardware that is non-Apple.

Any announcements of Mountain Lion compatibility prior to July 25, should be treated with skepticism, and tested on a backed up system. Stay tuned!

Macs sold with different hardware in the same model name on or after July 25, , may not be able to run Lion, or earlier versions of Mac OS X,. An older Mac may be needed to run software not yet tested with Mountain Lion.

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See below for resources on telling a Mac's age. Solutions for running Snow Leopard may still work.